Episode 1

Episode 1: Carrots

Tired of enduring Gilbert’s taunts about her red hair, Anne resolves to do something about it. While her results are initially disastrous, Anne manages to reverse her mistakes. In the end, she emerges with a new and more balanced attitude about herself.

Episode 2

Episode 2: Babysitting Blues

Tired of enduring Gilbert’s taunts about her red hair, Anne resolves to do something about it. While her results are initially disastrous, Anne manages to reverse her mistakes. In the end, she emerges with a new and more balanced attitude about herself.

Episode 3

Episode 3: The Stray

Gilbert thinks babysitting his infant cousin will be a breeze. That is, until he finds himself alone with the tyke. Anne, who has a great deal of experience looking after young children, comes to his assistance. Gilbert comes to realize how demanding and difficult looking after children can be as well as how important is to be vigilant, caring and prepared.

Episode 4

Episode 4: The Best Partner

When Mr. Gresham’s nephew Ben visits Avonlea, all the kids are excited about his arrival, especially as it coincides with a sports day. To their surprise, Ben arrives on crutches as polio has left him paralyzed. With empathy and creativity shown on both sides, the children learn to fully welcome Ben into the group, and the games, as a valuable partner.

Episode 5

Episode 5: A Question of Rules

The Avonlea kids prepare for their annual hunt for the Golden Crown, which has very complex rules and rituals. The only problem is, the adults have given other rules which means they won’t be able to play this year. A dilemma ensures for Anne and the children as to which rules should they follow? After thinking that rules are silly and unnecessary, Anne learns that certain rules are important to obey.

Episode 6

Episode 6: Taffy

When the taffy Anne brings to Avonlea’s annual Taffy Day turns out to be horribly salty, she is certain that it is all due to scheming Felicity. Only when both girls see the error of their ways can they work together to solve their misunderstanding.

Episode 7

Episode 7: One True Friend

Disaster has struck! Diana has come down with a case of head-lice. Anne feels only sympathy, takes the necessary precautions and thinks nothing more of it. That is until the other schoolmates start to make fun of Diana and shun Anne for remaining her friend. Anne considers abandoning Diana in order to salvage her coveted popularity, but after thinking and imagining things through, she comes to value the importance of loyalty.

Episode 8

Episode 8: Lost and Found

When Anne and Diana head off into the woods in search of buried treasure, they get hopelessly lost and end up finding much more than they bargained for.

Episode 9

Episode 9: Idle Chatter

Anne thinks she may have seen Gilbert cheating on a test and her decision to discuss her unfound suspicions with other schoolmates harms Gilbert’s grades and reputation. When Anne sees the error of her ways, she scrambles to fix it, but is it too late?

Episode 10

Episode 10: Bully by the Horns

Ralph, the new kid in town, is bullying Felix. Anne tries to stick up for her younger schoolmate. Only to find that she, herself, has become a bit of a bully to Ralph. With her help, Felix applies some creative tactics, which help to diffuse Ralph’s aggression and even offer the beginning of a new friendship.

Episode 11

Episode 11: The Ice Cream Promise

When Anne agrees to help Marilla make ice cream, she has no idea what she has gotten herself into. A small promise becomes a sizable commitment. She soon realizes that she is missing out on other activities she would rather do. Even Marilla feels she has bitten off more than she can chew. Still, neither knows how to broach the topic with the other. Good thing Mathews around!

Episode 12

Episode 12: Sleeves

All of Avonlea is in a tizzy when the world-famous Amelia Evans returns to her hometown. Preoccupied with her appearance, Anne nearly forgets what is most important about her contribution to the talent show held in Miss Evans’ honour.

Episode 13

Episode 13: The Avonlea Herald

Under the guidance of Rachel Lynde, who has always had a ‘nose-for-news’, the children start up The Avonlea Herald, a weekly newspaper. Anne works hard to be made editor and then in her enthusiasm, takes over all the departments. Initially frustrated with ‘her staff’, she comes to realize that it is her own attitude that is the problem.

Episode 14

Episode 14: Chores Eclipsed

Anne eagerly plans a party to coincide with the coming lunar eclipse, until her obsession causes her to neglect her household chores and throws Green Gables into chaos.

Episode 15

Episode 15: The Swim of Things

It’s swimming time at the pond and everybody is having fun; everybody, that is, except Felix. Felix is a poor swimmer and because of this he is discouraged and disheartened. Like everybody else, Anne is impatient with her friend’s limitations. However, when an injury sidelines her, Felix helps her with her exercises. Soon the two unlikely friends are hard at work, helping one another train.

Episode 16

Episode 16: Butterflies

A Hockey match between Avonlea and Carmody is coming up. Gilbert, an excellent player and a fairly good leader, is the team captain. However, he advocates winning at any cost. The adults also get caught up their obsession for the team to win. By the time the big game begins, the team is fragmented, discouraged and in disarray. Anne helps Gilbert see the importance of good sportsmanship. She reminds him of the real reason they play hockey. The team resolves their differences and goes into the tournament determined to have a good time.

Episode 17

Episode 17: A Walk in His Shoes

Anne and Marilla can’t see eye-to-eye on farming tasks. Anne grows impatient with Marilla’s style of doing work and insists that she be allowed to do things ‘her way’. Anne’s imagination helps her to see how Marilla’s experience has shaped her opinions. While Anne doesn’t change her own mind, she comes to respect the right for others to have differing points of view.

Episode 18

Episode 18: The Witch of Avonlea

When Miss King emphasizes the importance of Anne’s contribution to the region’s spelling bee, Anne begins to doubt her abilities and is afraid of letting her team down.

Episode 19

Episode 19: A Square Peg

Peg Bowen makes a rare trip to town for winter supplies. The children decide to spy on the strange old woman when she returns to her home in the woods. They embark on a spy mission when Anne becomes lost in a snowstorm. Anne is rescued by Peg and returns to Avonlea with a new found respect for this mysterious woman of the woods.

Episode 20

Episode 20: Marbles

When marbles become the latest fad at school, Anne is swept along in marble madness. So much so that she risks a marble Mathew has owned since he was a boy and loses it. She realizes that becoming obsessed with winning has only created bad feelings. She persuades the others children to stop playing marbles for keeps and to put the fun back in the game.

Episode 21

Episode 21: Oh Brother

Felix and Felicity are driving one another crazy. A King family reunion is coming up, but the brother and sister just can’t seem to get along. Anne enters the fray with the idealism of any only child and creates even more problems. In the end, however, both Felicity and Felix discover aspects and skills in the other that they never before realized or appreciated.

Episode 22

Episode 22: A Condition of Superstition

Anne and Diana’s superstitious beliefs wreak havoc with Marilla’s plan to persuade the Avonlea town council to build a new library. Chastened, Anne comes to realize that all superstition does is stop people from solving problems themselves.

Episode 23

Episode 23: A Welcome Hero

Anne is thrilled to hear that famous adventure novelist E.J Lark is coming to town. Upon meeting the novelist she is dismayed to realize that the writer isn’t the handsome, debonair celebrity she envisioned, but a bespectacled female who looks like a librarian! However, a few hours in her company soon makes Anne aware of her sterling qualities and she ultimately realizes that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Episode 24

Episode 24: A Better Mousetrap

Avonlea is being overrun by mice. Anne and Diana regret that Felix must join them in their school assignment that addresses Avonlea’s growing mouse problem. In time however, Anne comes to see Felix’s value and allows him to contribute, thus saving the day.

Episode 25

Episode 25: No Anne is an Island

Snubbed by their classmates, Anne and Diana set up the Order of the Kindred Spirit, an exclusive club of two. Midway through building their complex clubhouse, they find that everyone else at school responded by excluding them in return by making their own club!

Episode 26

Episode 26: Anne’s Disappearing Allowance

Anne gets her first allowance. Enthralled by the luxuries of Lawson’s General Store, she spends nearly all of it unwisely. Her spendthrift ways nearly cause her to lose allowance privileges, until she comes to appreciate the importance of managing her own money.